Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Faith of a little child

Something simple and sweet, yet a learning experience for Ava that she can draw from at such a young age.

Yesterday, my mom and 'aunt' Teri took the girls for me for the day. It was so kind of them and I was very grateful! As they were trying to leave the house my mom's van wouldn't work and we tried for several minutes to get it started. Our good neighbor and childhood friend Corey came down and he got the car going. (thank you!)
Well they went on their day and stopped for lunch. As they were once again trying to leave the car wouldn't start. Teri was trying to look at it again and in the mean time Ava asked grandma if she could pray for the car to start. Teri came back shortly and Ava told her to try to start the car and it started right away! They decided it would be best to get to the car shop and when the man looked at the battery he said he didn't even know how they drove that car at all. The battery was toast! We all know though that the faith of a little girl and angels round about helped them have an easier day and get the car properly taken care of.
I know that is something so tiny, but really it taught Ava that Heavenly Father hears HER prayers. She was so excited. We know that prayers aren't always answered that quickly, but they sure are answered and we are so thankful for that.

I am glad my little girl had that experience yesterday and that she was happy for a loving Heavenly Father.

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Meredith Williams said...

Whose the parents of that sweet girl?? :) What a sweet experience. It's so true that kids have way more faith than us at times. She is obviously been taught right from awesome parents :)

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